Giant Interactive Group Inc (ADR)

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Officers and directors

Yuzhu Shi
Chairman of the Board
Xuefeng Ji
President, Director
Wei Liu
Chief Executive Officer, Director
Jazy Zhang
Chief Financial Officer
Shiliang Song
Chief Technology Officer
Yonghua Lu
Vice President - Sales and Marketing
Min Tang
Vice President - Media & Human Resources
Guoqiang Ding
Vice President - Project Development
Yongjun Fei
Vice President - Office Administration, Legal Affairs and Intellectual Property Rights
Cheng Peng
Vice President - Product Operations


11/F, No. 3 Building, 700 Yishan Road
+86-21-33979999 (Phone)
+86-21-33979948 (Fax)

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Giant Interactive Group Inc. (Giant Interactive) is an online game developer and operator in China. The Company focuses on massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs), which are played through networked game servers on which players are able to simultaneously connect and interact. Its games include Web games, which are played over the internet using a Web browser, and mobile games, which are played on mobile phones or tablet computers. Giant Interactive operates fifteen games, consisting of ten MMORPGs, one casual massively multiplayer online (MMO) game and four Web games. The Company’s games include Zheng Tu (ZT) Online Franchise, ZT Online, ZT Online Classic Edition, ZT Online Green Edition, ZT Online 2, Giant Online, King of King III, The Golden Land, XT Online, Elsword, Allods Online, World of Xianxia, Genesis of the Empire, The Sky, Supreme Tai Chi, Jianghu, Cang Tian 2 and Wildstar.